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The Book

Unfinished Love: Walking by Faith through Pediatric Cancer

One moment can define your life. One moment can reach into your heart, crush it, trample it and destroy it. Then the moment leaves and in its wake you are left to repair the damage. Suddenly the future path you had painted in your mind evaporates and a new path must be found. When my seven year old son, Zachary, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in July 2005, he joined more than 10 million other people in the United States living with cancer. My family was thrown into an unforeseen journey that brought us to our knees – in pain, heartache and prayer. Unfinished Love: A Journey of Faith through Pediatric Cancer chronicles the ten month struggle cancer brought to our lives and the lessons we learned. To the astonishment of many, Zach faced his cancer with unrelenting optimism, courage and fortitude until he drew his last breath. Through him, many lives were touched and our family’s priorities were drastically changed as we learned our true purpose in life was not the worldly goals we once had, but to glorify God in all we do.

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Discover from this difficult journey the transformation that can happen in your heart if you choose to surrender your trials completely to God and allow His loving arms to carry you through your most difficult challenges. Unnatural hope, strength and peace will begin to govern your days and hold you up when despair threatens to consume your thoughts at each turn. As this compelling book shows, life cannot be taken for granted – each day is a gift to be used as preparation for what comes next…eternity.