Providing resources and assistance to those facing the challenges of cancer.

About Us

Providing Hope in Seemingly Hopeless Situations

Giving Hope Through Faith Foundation exists to spread the love that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. The idea for the Foundation grew from the lessons sent from God through a journey traveled by one little eight-year-old boy, Zach Tucker. It became clear to many, God had a much bigger purpose for Zach's life. He was sent to us to open our eyes to the promise of eternal life and that no matter what the circumstances, God was always present.

As the Tucker family faced the first Christmas after Zach's death, they felt a need to use Zachary's stocking as a source of joy instead of sorrow. They decided to have a gift card drive to fill Zach's stocking with cards that could be distributed to other families still battling cancer. The Tucker's were overwhelmed with the response. They received cards from family, friends and people they did not know. They felt the project could grow into something more. That is when Giving Hope Through Faith was born. Knowing how financially and emotionally draining a cancer diagnosis can be on the entire family, and remembering how uplifting the prayers and encouragements they received were, they - along with some close friends - decided to start a program to help others facing cancer.

Giving Hope Through Faith Foundation will provide at least $100 in grocery, gas or discount store gift cards once a month for a year to Tampa Bay-area families that have a member undergoing treatment for cancer. Along with these cards, the Foundation will provide uplifting messages sharing God's promises. It is the Foundation's hope that the Kingdom of God will be glorified as we share our FAITH, and it will be giving HOPE to those who need it most.